Friday, April 07, 2006

Cost of War

The National Priorities Project keeps a running tab of the cost of the US war in Iraq:

Although people are well aware that the Iraq invasion is a drain on public resources, this website drives the message home. The money spent on the war so far could have fully funded global anti-hunger efforts for 11 years, paid for AIDS programs worldwide for 27 years or ensured basic immunizations for all the world's children for 90 years!

It's even more appalling if we start looking at the human cost of war. There are a couple of websites that keep track of US ( and Iraqi casualties (

Moreover, there is no end in sight and the situation is getting progressively worse...... although the US Administration refuses to acknowledge it, Iraq is in midst of a civil war.

And all this for what? Is the world really any safer?

The documentary "Why we Fight" sheds some light on the issue and looks into the forces (political, corporate and DoD) that shape American millitarism.

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