Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tryst with the Men in Black

Just came back from a friend’s wedding in Seattle. The night before the big day, some of the girls decided to throw an impromptu bachelorette party at the local redneck karaoke bar. Intoxicated singing and revelry ensued. There were a couple of guys (also out-of-towners like us) who were flirting with our karaoke nightingales. What they lacked in terms of “brain” they made up for in “brawn”. The following afternoon as the ladies were scurrying around in their saris, they were somewhat surprised and amused to run into the same group of buff men at the hotel. This time they donned black suits, dark glasses and ear pieces. Turns out they were secret service men preparing for Dick Cheney’s visit. South Asian chicks and secret service men – weird combination indeed!

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