Wednesday, June 28, 2006

High Tech Throne

I am getting quite used to the everday luxuries of the high tech capital of the world. Unlike the US and Western Europe, innovation has reached the bathroom in Japan. Heated toilet seats, water jets and a choice of soundtracks (including bird chirping and water falls) are all intended to make your bathroom experience more pleasurable. Japan is already on its way to making intelligent toilets that can monitor body weight, blood sugar etc. Soon there will be no need to head to the clinic for health check-ups. All you have to do is make a short trip to the nearest throne. Unfortuantely things aren't looking all that rosy from a lab technician's perspective. Losing your job due to outsourcing is bad enough, let alone being made redundant by a commode!


Anonymous said...

LOL...ousted from the THRONE takes a whole new meaning there (down the crapper to be precise) dunnit? On a related note, my bowel goes out to the disenfrenchised lab-techs...perhaps through workforce innovation they can become POOPER-SCOOPERs eh? 'MeltingPot'ty could be fun for all they know! Hell they can even have their own union mascot Poopy Le Poo' the skunk! Shit...I'm getting carried away ' keep enjoying your just peachy aka jetset life lass. Sayonara.

btw, I'm sure you know that KARAOKE means EMPTY ORCHESTRA in Japanese?! :o)

Ajaira Pechal said...

you've given this blog a whole new twist :-D

Anonymous said... you survived my profundity on commode-ity eh? Not to mention terms like disen"french"ised; it was a freudian slip on my part. Honestly, I have nothing against them frenchies...sure they smell, then again who doesn't, right? Anyhoos, as a gesture of good effort, how 'bout I offer you some quality entertainment which can be found at: