Thursday, August 10, 2006

In the Lime Light

Today's public speaking training has made me quite self-conscious. The instructor recommended that speakers are allowed no more than 3 distractions in their head, neck and shoulder area. Apparently my dangley earrings took up two of those points. She did try to make up for it by complimenting me on my "naturally happy disposition". I had chocolate before I walked into the room. So go figure.

Tomorrow she has threatened to video tape us while we speak on a topic of our choice. To top it off, our co-workers will sit around the table and take pot shots at us while we present.

One interesting fact I learnt is that if you lock your knees, it cuts off circulation and causes you to keel over. People in the military (esp beginners) often buckle their knees while trying to maintain their posture and this leads to fainting spells.

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