Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mirror Mirror on the Wall..... Who's the Most Unphotogenic of Them All

I don't photograph particularly well but looking at these two unfortunate creatures gives me solace. Both would have benefited from a kinder face and softer features.

When my friend and I were at the Vatican, we saw a plethora of souveniers containing pictures of the Pope hugging babies. If it were John Paul, the images would have evoked compassion and tenderness. Pope Benedict on the other hand, looked like he was trying to bite their heads off. So my natural reaction was dread, followed by guilt for thinking he looks scary and then back to dread when I realized I am surely going to hell for harboring such impure thoughts.

"O Lord, if there is a Lord.... Save my soul, if there is a soul."


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, so I'm not the only one after all...heavens, what a relief! From the get-go, Ratzinger (aka The P-man) has been quite reminiscent of a mephistophelian evocator...with his somewhat batty features, a vampire running amuck in the middle of a blood drive. Then again, with a name like Ratzinger, not exactly a big surprise.

As for Condy, I'm reminded of Nixon. Nobody wanted to fuck Nixon, so he ended up fucking up everybody.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, any nominee to complete the UNHOLY TRINITY?!

Ajaira Pechal said...

can think of a million candidates for that one slot. So I won't even go there. However, here's my nominee for the next pope