Monday, October 30, 2006

Political Chaos

Media coverage in Bangladesh has improved significantly in the last couple of years. The past few days we accessed NTV on the web and watched the political chaos unfold right in front of our eyes. Mob violence.....rioting.....people pelting stones at the police and the police throwing even bigger rocks back at them. The NTV correspondent stood in the middle of this mayhem and reported the incidents with perplexing composure. Bullets were being fired and political opponents were engaged in street clashes just a few feet away from him, but the nonchalant reporter made it look like it was just a movie set.

A fragile peace has been established after the controversial nominee, backed by the ruling party to head up the interim government, stepped down. The current President, Iajuddin, volunteered to fill the position since there were no other takers. So now we have a 70 year-old man with heart-ailment, trying to fend off bitter political rivals, prevent a political debacle and ensure free and fair elections in 3 month's time. When quizzed by reporters he said "Pray for me."

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