Friday, November 07, 2008

YES WE DID! - Top 3 Election Night Moments

1) In Washington DC’s U Street neighborhood, from where we watched the elections, Obamania knew no bounds. It was no surprise since 93% of Washingtonians voted for him. The jubilant crowd danced, hugged and cheered. Honking cars and fireworks added to the festivities. In 1968, this neighborhood was the scene of mayhem and destruction when racial riots erupted in the aftermath of Martin Luther King’s assassination. Who would have thought that forty years on a diverse crowd would gather at the same spot to celebrate the first African-American President. I was proud of my adopted homeland for coming full circle.

2) As a new Virginia resident, I was thrilled to see the once staunchly Republican state go blue. Virginia hasn’t backed a democratic presidential candidate since 1964. So this was HUGE!

3) On a split screen, CNN showed two victory celebrations – one in Grant Park, Chicago as the crowd awaited Obama’s speech and the other in his ancestral village in Kenya. The Kenyan President actually declared a public holiday in honor of Obama’s landslide victory!


Anonymous said...

I started *sobbing* when MSNBC showed Jesse Jackson with tears streaming down his face. Right after I stopped crying, they showed the celebration in Kenya, and I started all over again. What an amazing night... however, I wish I had lived in a location that was a little more inspired by Obama. The next day, when I told someone about being emotionally moved by the evening before, the person retorted that they were crying "for a different reason". I was only 1 vote in a 40% minority in my county. *sigh* I need to move.

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