Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wedding Tales

Here are some interesting wedding stories:

A Sudanese man was forced to marry a goat after having "used it as his wife" (I love the sanitized language)

A Kenyan polygamist married 100 times and divorced 30 women! His family was so big that he had to build a church just for them.

A Thai woman who holds the world record for spending 32 days in a cage with 3,400 scorpions married a guy who spent 28 days with 1,000 centipedes - awwww truly a match made in heaven! Lets just hope the guy doesn't develop an inferiority complex since his wife's record is more impressive than his own. Centipedes don't come anywhere close to scorpions.....

Online dating is commonplace but an Internet wedding ceremony is a completely different story. An Indonesian man married a woman in California over the Net. The couple got to know each other online but never met. The internet wedding ceremony lasted 25 minutes and cost $21.30. Cost-effective indeed!

A Chinese dating agency is catering to couples interested in a sexless marriage and it has 127 clients! The niche marketing seems to have worked..... Go figure :-S

If BBC Online were a guy, I would be married to it (or at least have an affair with it). Afterall I spend more time with BBC than I do with anyone else :-)

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KimB said...

What a good collection of interesting marriage stories. And I can vouch for your wanting to marry BBC. Who wouldn't? it delivers everything you need, in a nice way, looks good and functions!!!