Friday, June 09, 2006

Two Things I Carry in My Wallet

A 9-year long "around the world" travel plan that encompasses 40 countries in 7 continents and ends with a trip to snow-covered Antartica....... I dreamt this up during my bout of unemployment right after graduate school. So I didn't quite take my limited vacation time into account. Plus I am still on the lookout for an adventurous yet laid-back travel buddy (now that Sana Haider has moved on and left me to fend for myself).

A 10 Million Turkish Lira note, so that I can go around feeling like a millionaire...... Of course, when it gets too heady and I need a reality check, all I have to do is remind myself that 1 USD = 1.3 million Turkish Lira. (As of Jan 1, 2005 Turkey deleted six zeroes from its currency and issued the new Turkish Lira.)

When it comes down to the stuff that makes the world go around, somehow I never seem to have enough in my wallet to fund a trip to the vending machine or my bus ride home.


Anonymous said...

Nads, I will travel with you wherever you want to go.... All you have to do is ask

Ajaira Pechal said...

Tumi ke? anonymous manush-er shathe ami travel kori na :-)