Monday, June 12, 2006

Visa Woes

Rude Indian Embassy Lady: That will be $20

Me: But your website said that there is no visa fee for Bangladeshi nationals

Rude Indian Embassy Lady: Well there is.... If you want me to process your visa application you have to produce the money

As usual I had almost no cash on me. So I hailed a cab and rushed to the nearest ATM and back in a record 10 mins. I felt I had already paid my dues by waiting in line an hour and a half the first time. So this time I broke the queue typical Bangladeshi style. She didn't appear thrilled to see me......

Rude Indian Embassy Lady: You can pick up your visa next week. It takes at least 5 business days to process

Me: But the website said it would only take a day.....

Rude Indian Embassy Lady:(Silence accompanied by look of exasperation, digust and disapproval)

Me: I am leaving this Friday. (I throw in a pleading look combined with shock and disbelief...... trying to act like things work more efficiently where I come from and people stick to what they put on their website ;-))

Rude Indian Embassy Lady: Ok.... fine..... pick it up on Thursday

Me: Thank you VERY much (in my head I wrung her neck till her eyeballs popped out of their sockets)


Ajaira Pechal said...

Visa woes continue..... just called up the Embassy of Taiwan and the visa consular has never heard of Bangladesh!!!! I spelled out B-A-N-G-L-A-D-E-S-H for her no less than 3 times. Then she acts like I am making it up and asks me which continent it is located in. AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!

KimB said...

Oh my god!!!! very funny story but in reality, very scary....and agravating. But now they will be sorry. Once YOU write about it on your website, it's over for them!