Friday, July 21, 2006

Drastic Times

I have never been the most fashionable gal in town but now things have reached rock bottom. In Bangladesh I took my "nice" clothes to the dry cleaners. Then I got caught up in a flurry of activity and had no time to pick them up before I left. As a result, these days I am reaching into the obscure corners of my closet and picking out outfits I had written off a long time ago (including the ugly brown pants). For now I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping there won't be any business meetings, since ALL my suits are half the way across the world.


Anonymous said...

LOL...I thought Brown was the new Black!

Ajaira Pechal said...

since i don't really have too many options, that's what i am telling myself these days :-)

Anonymous said...

No citations yet, eh?! You're getting really good at dodging them fashion cops. :o)