Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Adam's Morgan Fun and Festivities

It was the last weekend of summer and all the DC residents came out to play. The Adams Morgan street festival was a hodgepodge. A no-nonsense Asian lady selling Jamaican food.... Beef kebabs at the Thai-food stand..... a caucasian woman, dressed in gaudy jewellery and a garish ghaghra-choli, vending Indian jewellery...... It was mind-boggling. Belly dancers taught little kids to shake the "endowments" they don't possess while an elderly woman, with the oomph of a young girl, stole the karaoke scene.

Politicians descended amidst this fanfare and handed out freebies in an effort to clinch precious votes. Unfortunately, 90% of the people partaking in the festivities were not registered DC voters. Upon realizing this, the contenders averted their gaze and their smiles turned plastic and eventually disappeared.

Other than that, it was a marvelous spectacle!

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