Saturday, December 23, 2006

Double Standards

Iran just got slapped in the wrist by the UN Security Council for its nuclear program. President Ahmadinejad claims it's for peaceful purposes, which is highly doubtful. But put yourself in his shoes for a minute..... If the country on your left and the country on your right were both attacked preemtively and you had reason to believe that you were next on the list - what would you do?

Interestingly the Security Council has always turned a blind eye to Israel's nuclear program, which has been an open-secret for years now.

Why should some countries have nuclear weapons and not others? The two most millitant nations in the world (US and Israel), which have a history of attacking other countries preemtively, possess nuclear weapons. The US is the ONLY country which has used it in the past. Why aren't we going after them? Are they really more responsible with their nuclear weapons or is it because some countries are more equal than others? President Bush's main goal these days is to spread democracy around the world. How about starting with the UN Security Council, as Hugo Chavez (my favorite nut job) rightfully pointed out.


C.M. Nabeel Sami said...

I will have homeland security meet you at the gate when u re-enter the fatherland.

Ajaira Pechal said...

i am back... ora to welcome korte ashlo na