Friday, March 16, 2007

The Interesting Thing About Rain Is.....

Depending on when, where or how much it's raining, it can be considered despondent, romantic, intoxicating, jubilant or even apocalyptic.


Anonymous said...

WHAT THE...??!!
*mumbles them ineffables*

Almost a three month hiatus there missy; did Alice get lost in Blogland or what?

Anyhoos, good to have you back n ramblin'. I say your next post should be a HAIKU!

Ms Ajaira said...

awwww..... you missed me? :-D

Anonymous said... feelings can be best expressed by the following:

Spring of discontent/Ruthless breeze taunts my bald spots/So much for comb over

Warms the cockles, dunnit now?