Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Kiss is Just a Kiss....

What could Iran's President Ahmedinejad and Richard Gere possibly have in common? Both have gotten a lot of flak lately for kissing women in public! So who are the lucky gals?

In Richard Gere's case it was Shilpa Shetty. He was attending an HIV/Aids awareness event when he went up on stage, dipped Shilpa and kissed her several times on the cheek in feigned passion. This resulted in public outcry and an arrest warrant for the "obscene" act. Shetty was summoned to court for not "resisting". Why on earth would she resist the sexiest man on the planet?..... and surely a peck on the cheek should be acceptable in the land of the Kama Sutra!

Ahmedinejad was caught red-handed kissing his former school teacher. But it's not what it sounds like..... He was graciously kissing the woman's hand. The lady in question was at least 80. She was covered from head to toe and was even sporting thick gloves. A conservative newspaper declared that it was indescent behaviour on Ahmedinejad's part and proclaimed that it went against Sharia law. Now Ahmedinejad can defend himself Bill Clinton-style and say "I did not kiss that woman". Afterall does kissing someone's hand REALLY count as kissing?

Everyone's familiar with the French kiss but there are some other varieties out there:

- Eskimo kiss consists of two people rubbing their noses

- Butterfly kiss comprises of people placeing their eye close to each other and fluttering their eyelids

- Caterpillar kiss entails people rubbing their eyebrows against each other


C.M. Nabeel Sami said...

I think we should be patriotic and change the term 'French' kissing to 'Freedom' kissing. Hmm....maybe ill blog about this...

Ms Ajaira said...

You are just saying that to kiss the Bush administration's ass :-D