Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dumb and Dumber

In this lawsuit obsessed nation, people have to be warned about all potential dangers in order to avoid getting sued. So a coffee cup reads "Contents are Hot" and "Slippery when Wet" signs are put up outside when it rains.
At a baseball game yesterday a friend was buying water from the food stand. The vendor removed the cap and handed him the bottle. Apparently the top was a choking hazard for children who may be present!
Common sense is not just optional..... it's redundant these days.


Ubaidul said...
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Ubaidul said...

This whole thing about "Bottles without caps" makes sense - when you think about little infants. My 18 month old nephew is going through the phase of experiencing the world through his mouth. Pretty much everything in his sight ends-up in his mouth. Lots of parents take their kids to baseball games and I'm sure these parents wouldn't give bottle caps to their children to play with, but it's entire possible that a child might pick-up a stray bottle cap. I don't like bottles without caps. If bottles without caps, saves an infant from a visit to the emergency room, then I'm all for it.