Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Life is Short

I am vertically challenged and that has always been a bit of a sore point. In my passport I lied about my height and added two inches to my soaring five feet stature to make it look a little more respectable. Here are some of the everyday inconveniences and indignities I am subjected to because of my height:

1) Since my last name is high up on the alphabetical order my mailbox at work is at the very top. Even in my heels I have a hard time reaching it.

2) I have to stand on my toes to reach the handrails on the metro bus and sometimes I end up hanging from the bar like a monkey.

3) I have to scurry to keep up with people with long legs. Otherwise, they inevitably leave me in the dust.

4) People have to stoop or crane their neck because they can’t hear me speak. A friend recently told me that I was literally “a pain in the neck”

5) When I go shopping for clothes nothing fits and I need to spend extra $$ to get trousers shortened.

To all the vertically challenged people out there I have a message. Do not despair! At least we make better astronauts. Given the cramped conditions, it’s easier for shorter people to make it out there.

Here’s a link to the Short Persons Support Group


Hamza said...

Its not that much of a walk in the park for us (the relatively taller bangalis.....well basically any one over 5'2"). Here are some of the discernable causalities (trying to sound like an intellectual...i digress..) associated with a taller specimen:

1. People (and by people, I mean weird aunts) keep asking you to reach for stuff from top-shelves. This can be quite a pain for those of us who also inherit the bangali laziness gene.

2. Keep having to listen to the phrase "baba, tumi aro boro hoiso". I realize thats an appropriate thing to say when you are five, but to keep hearing at twenty six is annoying.

Anonymous said...

The simian visual from 2) cracked me up...

Munna said...

hahahaha.. laughing my ass off @ #1.. good one.. [ by the way.. i'm at work and am bored and typed "ajaira" in google.. found ur blog.. i'm not bored anymore.. :) ]